Project 1080 is a fun and creative way for you to partner with our camp ministry in 2018!

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What is Project 1080

Project 1080 is a fun and creative way for you to partner with our camp ministry in 2018! Every year we like to add something to our camp to make it even better than the years before. So to bounce the fun meter in 2018 we have been designing 18 custom baseball team logos to increase the competitive and fun aspect of our afternoon game competition. With these logos we will create graphics which will include a custom scoreboard to present the game scores at the end of each day at camp. We will also embroider all 18 logos on hats which will be used to assign our campers to their team and help them create a strong team bond. Campers will receive their hats at registration on opening day and then meet their coach as they begin their week at camp.  

So here is where your partnership comes into play. We would like find 18 partners for each set of team hats. If you know baseball, you know hats. Hats are just a part of baseball culture. If you are not a baseball person the best way we can describe it is that hats are a way to a baseball players heart. 

So what is in it for you? When you become a hat partner you help open up a window to a young baseball players heart, and each of these young baseball players will have an opportunity to open up their heart to Jesus at camp. You will receive 2 fitted caps of your requested sizes as well as a framed print of the logo you choose to sponsor hand signed by the artist! 

This past summer over 700 youth players heard the Gospel at FCA camp and 189 made a decision to trust their heart to Jesus.

Why is it called project 1080? Each team set costs $1,080. If we reach our over all goal of $19,440.00 This will stock our entire camp program with caps for the summer. 

Why don’t the campers pay for it? For a few reasons. One is, we don’t want to raise our camp prices. We are currently one of the lowest priced baseball camps in the area and we believe by far the best value for the quality camp we offer. We strive to be the most affordable camp because we don’t want any young athlete to miss out on an opportunity to attend FCA Baseball Camp. 

Would you please pray and consider becoming one of our cap sponsors for 2018!

Project Recap
Sponsor a cap!
Give your gift of $1,080.00
Help us reach our summer goal of $19,440.00
See lives changed for eternity in 2018!