FCA Teams Mission

Our mission is to develop players and coaches in athletic and spiritual excellence for the purpose of transforming families and baseball culture for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


To see baseball players impacted for Jesus Christ and trained in sports ministry as they are given the opportunity to play in a competitive team environment.





In 2018 FCA Baseball introduced the So. Cal. Shepherds, a ministry team that will play an integral part in the FCA ministry as they will take part in all aspects of the ministry from youth camps to Mexico. The team will Shepherd the youth at FCA Camps and train in sports ministry as they take part in daily studies of God word. The Shepherds are comprised of 18 youth men who will play a competitive 22 game schedule throughout Southern California. The team will make Whittier Christian High School its home field.                                                          



FCA Baseball begins its 3rd year of showcasing high school athletes while developing both mind and body in a competitive baseball environment. 



In 2014 through the vision of FCA Board member Paul Huante FCA Baseball launched its first competitive youth team. The Catch 14U team opened play in the fall of 2014 when it promoted Sean Rooney to the position of Youth Teams Director. Under the direction of Isaac Friesen Catch Travel program now has expanded to 5 teams ranging from 12U to high school. The focus for the FCA Youth Team Program is focus on development of both mind and body and the aim is to train and deploy these young athletes so they are ready to take on both baseball and life!

Jesus Calling His Disciples

“Don’t be afraid,” Jesus told Simon. “From now on you will be catching people!” Then they brought the boats to land, left everything, and followed Him. - Luke 5:10b-11

When Jesus was gathering his first disciples he came upon Peter, James, and John who, the Gospel says, had been fishing all through the night and had caught nothing. After spending some time teaching His message, Christ turned his attention to the fishermen. At the Lord’s bidding, they returned to their boats and, putting their faith in Christ’s words, once again let down their nets. And they caught an abundance of fish, enough to break the net, enough indeed to fill two boats and to cause both nearly to sink. Peter seeing this miraculous catch of fish, confesses to the Lord that he, Peter, is a sinful man. Christ responds that while they now catch fish, soon they shall be catching people.