(Closed) OPERATIONS -Travel-

The Game Operations internship is all encompassing. This intern is expected to aid in the execution of all game operations departments. Responsibilities include hospitality, press box, marketing, meals, transportation, community outreach, merchandise, travel, finances, umpires and much more. Most importantly, game operations will work under the Assistant GM to ensure all departments are running smoothly and efficiently. This position requires a servant leader who is able to take initiative and problem solve.


(Closed) SPORTS INFORMATION Director -Travel-

The Sports Information Director (SID) is primarily responsible for documenting and publicizing the accomplishments of the Catch. This includes preseason press releases, nightly post game write-ups, game day programs, and player interviews. Headquartered in the Press Box, responsibilities may also include the oversight of public address announcing, scoreboard and music operation, as well as assisting the statistician and broadcasters. SID’s will travel with the team, and are expected to successfully complete their responsibilities in a timely and appropriate manner. 


(Open) PUBLIC RELATIONS -non travel-

The Public Relations interns will be expected to champion all of the Catch’s promotional efforts, both on and off the field. Interns must be creative, comfortable with public speaking, and good with social media. Responsibilities will include the leadership on developing a season long promotional schedule, implementation of new on-field promotions, maintainence of all Catch social networks, the development of positive lucrative relationship with sponsors and partners, and many other PR tasks. 



Creative Media interns will spearhead all photography and videography efforts for the Catch. The photography intern is responsible for photography before, during, and after each game and event. The job requires photography experience in shooting and producing. This intern will be responsible for helping with game day programs, Catch graphics, and photo journalism of the summer experience. The video intern is responsible for video before, during, and after catch games and events. This intern will be responsible for producing regular highlight/interview clips, as well as larger Catch video projects.


(Closed) CLUBHOUSE -Travel-

The Clubhouse intern will lead all equipment and gear efforts. This intern will be integral in helping with everything from the initial equipment orders, to the final inventory closeout and organization. The clubhouse intern will direct and maintain all inventory systems, uniforms, internship gear, and team equipment. Responsibilities will include the set up and tear down of home/away clubhouses and dugouts, as well as the organization of gear, uniforms, equipment, and meals. This position requires a servant leader who cares about the details.


(Closed) STATASTICIAN -travel-

The Statistician will be expected to cover all Catch statistics throughout the entirety of the season. Interns will be responsible for the recording, reporting, and analysis of all team and individual statistics. This intern will have the opportunity to perform statistical analysis and work with the GM and coaches on statistical insight & development.


(open) BROADCASTING -Travel-

The Broadcast interns will serve as on-air personalities for all Catch games. Responsibilities will include the setup, breakdown, and maintenance of all video equipment, along with the co-production of all pre and post-game shows. The broadcasters will work with the creative media team to create exceptional in-game highlight reels and nightly recaps. Broadcasters are also expected to work alongside our sponsors to create promotional ads to be used throughout the broadcasts. 

(Open) Athletic Trainer -Travel-

The Athletic Trainer's Responsibilities include the care and treatment for all players, helping with necessary rehabilitation programs for players injuries, and helping assist with strength training programs.


(Open) Stadium Operations -non travel-

The Stadium Operations interns will be in charge of tickets, concessions and merchandise. These interns will be expected to oversee and operate the finances, inventory, and customer service of these positions. Stadium Operations interns will work with other interns to create an excellent Catch game experience for fans. These Interns should be self motivated, detail oriented, and trustworthy.