The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Southern California Baseball is looking for host families to house players this summer. We are looking for a safe Christian home environment for college age baseball players.

Provide room and board for ballplayer(s) for the months of June and July.

The players will stay with you from the last week of May to the end of July, depending on how far the team goes into the play-offs. Arrivals may be as late as mid-June depending on their college baseball schedules.

 We realize you might only be able to host one player, but we have found it almost easier to host two since they keep each other company. A bedroom for ballplayers is required. If you are able to host two players, we would like each player to have a bed of his own, if possible. If the only thing stopping you from hosting two is the need of an extra bed, we can help find one for you.

We expect our players to follow the rules of your house. There will be a housing checklist that goes over housing issues that we will ask each player to read over, discuss with you, and sign.

Access to bathroom and laundry will be necessary. Our players will need to wash their uniforms and clothes while staying with you. They are quite capable of washing their own clothes as long as you instruct them on how to use your machine. 

Last, we also ask that you provide light breakfast (cereal, fruit, etc.) and lunch (sandwich meats, etc.) for your players. The team will provide all meals on road trips as well as dinners on all home and away game nights. 

Generally, there will be games scheduled six days a week with one day off. The host family will be provided with the season’s game schedule.

When not playing, the players will be spending time on other team activities such as Bible Study, practice/workouts, youth baseball camps, and community service.

Prayerfully consider being part of this great experience and ministry. And please be sure you are comfortable with the idea before committing to serve as a host family.

For more information contact Erin Smith at or please fill out our host family questionnaire below.